About Us


My name is Alanna, welcome to Lemongrass & Lavender Skincare!

I am a mom of 3 busy kids, here in Ottawa, Ontario.

My passion for homemade skincare began at a young age. My older sister and I used to pore over teen magazines, in which some would give instructions on DIY skin and hair care. I remember one DIY hair mask that involved avocados, honey, and olive oil, that you were to mash up and apply to your hair. At that point, I don’t believe we had even ever seen an avocado, but my very frugal father obliged, and encouraged us to try the recipe, then laughed with us when it went all wrong. 

This passion then led me to work at a spa for a number of years. That employer was very good to me, she invested in me through esthetics training classes, and though I didn’t continue on with it after I left the spa, it sparked a love for self care.

Some years later, I was pregnant with my first child, and though I had a wonderful pregnancy, the hormones played a number on my skin. I broke out in painful cystic acne that continued long after my baby was born. After coming across an article on oil cleansing, I began following the method religiously, and have never turned back. 

I do hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them for you! Please reach out should you have any questions.