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Lemongrass & Lavender Skincare

Loofah round

Loofah round

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Extend the life of your soaps and shampoo bars by keeping them dry between uses with a loofah round! 

Loofah is a type of gourd, that when dried can be used for exfoliation in the bath or shower, or it can be used in the kitchen as a dish scrubber.

There are many uses for loofah, but I find they work so well to keep my shampoo bars and soaps well ventilated. Place your soap on top of the loofah round by the sink, or use a loofah round to rest your shampoo bar in between uses in the shower. 

Add a loofah round to your next purchase!

Ingredients: loofah

Dimensions: approximately 0.5” thick, 2-2.5” diameter


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